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Watch cartoon Up 2009 in English

The respectable gray-haired man, Karl Fredericks, remained altogether alone. He recently lost his beloved wife. They once dreamed of settling in South America near the most charming Paradise waterfall on the land. But for all his long life spouses could not fulfill this dream. And now, in spite of everything - this time has come. Carl plans to fly along with his home far-far to America. It was his youth, so he must move to the place of his dreams, taking with him the memories of the happy past of life. He will fly on a huge number of balloons, and nobody will be able to stop him. When the old house rises to the air, it turns out that on the porch accidentally there was a flimsy and restless little boy who unexpectedly joined himself to an exciting journey. Up 2009 cartoon can be viewed in English in a good quality with us.

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