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Watch cartoon The Secret of Kells in English with Subtitles

Brendan is only 12 years old, and he has already felt the blows of fate. The child grows without parents, he is raised by his uncle, who is the rector of the huge Kelsky Abbey.

The husband pays little attention to his nephew, because he is always busy with sermons. And recently, a relative is too enthusiastic about building a strong wall around the monastery. Normans began to attack more and more, so you need to defend yourself.

One day, an old illustrator of religious books comes to the abbey. The island, where the master lived, destroyed the enemies. The man managed to save one of his own creations. The book emits magic light.

 The unclean power is very afraid of this glow. But it's not over yet. The guest asks Brendan to go to the charming forest to find the ink nuts.

The boy makes a request, despite the fact that the uncle does not allow him to leave. On the way to a teenager there is a danger. Does he regret the violation of uncle's prohibition? The Secret of Kells can be viewed in English in a good quality with us.

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