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Watch cartoon The Croods in English with Subtitles

The prehistoric family of Croods only does that which deals with survival in harsh conditions. Around the wander around are huge predatory animals that hunt for everything alive. They do not mind having fun with any of the tumultuous ancient people.

The head of the brave family, Grug, does everything to ensure that his wife and children are safe. He has developed many rules, the execution of which for many years keeps everyone from disaster. All the time, family members are sitting in a dark cave, the entrance to which the pope overlaps with a huge stone.

The family briefly goes out to hunt, and then again climbed into a safe haven. In Grug has an older daughter named Hip, who was born very inquisitive. She is constantly trying to violate parental barrages, and often leaves asylum without informing her parents.

One day, on a dark night, she makes another outing and gets acquainted with a guy who can burn the fire. His name is Little. He is very cute and does not look like a wild Hip family. Soon a terrible earthquake forces Knudov to flee from his cache.

The cavemen, together with the Small, find themselves in a new world, which is not at all like the places where the family lived earlier. But in an amazingly beautiful nature, there are no less dangers than in the usual mountains.

Heroes go to search for a new place to live. They are introduced to unknown animals and birds, which raise a lot of unexpected and dangerous surprises. This long and exciting adventure will make the family even more cohesive and teach you to enjoy life and not be afraid to follow the sun. The Croods can be viewed in English in a good quality with us.

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