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Watch cartoon Shrek Forever After in English with Subtitles

The times when Shrek was frightening the inhabitants of the suburbs was long gone. Now he is a happy man and caring father who is engaged in the education of three wonderful children and is engaged in farming. The house in the swamps, to which once was afraid to approach, turned into a roadside booth. Numerous excursions and regular guests do not let the car relax for a minute. So it goes day after day. And when such a life becomes unbearable, Shrek has the opportunity to change everything. Where did not expect, there is a specialist in the conclusion of magic deals - a cunning wizard Rumelschildzhen. He proposes to sign the treaty, according to which he will again feel like a ferocious monster for exactly one day, and then everything will return to their places. Instead, the sorcerer wants to get any other day out of the life of the green giant. Shrek does not suspect that having entered into an agreement with Rumper, he risks losing much more than twenty four hours of his life. Shrek Forever After cartoon can be viewed in English in a good quality with us.

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