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Watch cartoon Santa's Magic Crystal in English

All children are looking forward to winter holidays. It's so nice to receive gifts. But this time Santa Claus may not have time to congratulate the little one. His brother, Bezil, is planning to break the holiday fun.

The wicked sorcerer is too jealous. He never liked children's smiles, laughter, happy eyes of the kids. Together with the boy Joten, the thief steals a magic crystal that helps Santya quickly get to any place in the globe.

But the teenager realized in time that his deed would cause a lot of disaster. He will try to fix everything. Will Yawn get it? Before Christmas, there is not much time left.

Probably the most beloved children's holiday is Christmas. Kids are looking forward to him to get dreamed presents. Santa is already going to a fabulous journey, but suddenly he notices that the magic crystal disappears, which helps to give children tales every year.

 Besil, his wicked twin, kidnaps the magic thing with his assistant, Jotten. Later, the boy will understand what mistakes are made. Need to fix everything right away. But the sorcerer does not plan to give it so stolen easily.

He always hated the craziness and cheerful smiles of the little ones. Finally, he had the chance to take revenge on the good Santa, who also gives a pleasant emotion to the kids. Santa's Magic Crystal can be viewed in English in a good quality with us.

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