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Watch cartoon Planet 51 in English with Subtitles

Cute green planets 51 live their lives: work, study, educate children, go to cinema, museums, and keep funny pets.

They sincerely believe that the length of the universe is only five hundred miles, and in the sky is just over a thousand stars, which means that intelligent life exists only on their planet.

But nevertheless, little children are afraid of alien aliens who can jump to them and enslave their brain. And as they say, what you fear, then it happens.

Suddenly, the American astronaut Chuck landed on a non-living, from his point of view planet, and does a phenomenal discovery - he landed in the thick of green men, who are surprised at him everywhere.

An unexpected guest is forced to escape and hide, because peaceful residents and military planets are sure that the alien is extremely aggressive.

Defenders of the planet begin to hunt for a brave and at the same time a good-natured captain who is completely friendly and wants only one - to return to Earth.

In this he is helped by the cute robot Rover and the new friend Lem, who was always convinced that if aliens exist, then they must always be good. Planet 51 cartoon can be viewed in English in a good quality with us.

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