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Watch cartoon Monsters vs Aliens in English with Subtitles

In the happiest moment of his life, the wedding day, a meteorite collapsing on Suzanne Murphy, which completely changes its plans.

Inside the celestial body is an unknown cosmic fluid that affects a small, fragile girl and turns it into a fifteen-foot superheroine. The troops take Suzanne to the secret base in the laboratory and place it with other monsters.

Here the girl gets a new name. Now her name is Giant. She gets acquainted with her new friends: Lacking link, jelly-like BOB, scientist Dr. Targam and several more unusual creatures.

At this moment, an alien robot arrives on Earth, within which lies a humanoid, claiming to dominate the planet Earth. People are afraid of approaching the danger from evil aliens.

The president sees a solution to the problem of humanity in a team of fearless monsters. He sends them to fight the strangers. Monsters vs Aliens can be viewed in English in a good quality with us.

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