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Watch cartoon How to Train Your Dragon in English with Subtitles

Huge Vikings live on an island of unusual beauty. Here they have everything that is needed for a happy life. They hunt, fish, grow a crop and keep an economy. One trouble is a lot of pests.

No, it's not beetles or locusts - it's dragons. They attack the village and destroy everything that is hard and hard work.

Therefore, each Viking leads an irreconcilable struggle with dragons. Killing a monster means providing the welfare of the whole race and gaining fame and overall respect.

In the Viking tribe there is a leader named Sustainable - a mighty giant with a brave heart, and he has a son of Ikking. The boy does not have big muscles and is not distinguished by prominence, but he is very clever and has a good heart.

Where other members of the tribe use brutal force, Ikking uses savvy and tricky. The young man is not the pride of his father, on the contrary, he is ashamed that he has such a weak and wicked son.

But soon his father will change his mind about his son. The hacking will prove to be the greatest tedious volley monsters.

Due to good temper and wisdom, he makes the most mysterious deadly dragon and changes the attitude of the Vikings to them. How to Train Your Dragon can be viewed in English in a good quality with us.

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