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Watch cartoon Friends Forever in English

The little mouse target dreams of becoming a movie star and theater. The kid walks on numerous castings and calls himself Johnny Mauser. But he is too small, so he does not give the main roles, but he does not agree with less proud ones. After another failure, the target decides to leave the big city in the countryside.

He finds himself in a small village of Kukalau on a small farm where there are good-natured chicken chickens, Millie's cow, Valdemar's pig, a cute sheep of the Khmerka, a serious cock Franz and an old dog Bello.

 Everyone lives as a great and friendly family. With the advent of a farm new resident everything is changing. Gray baby shows you everything that he is brave and talented.

 When an evil wolf kidnaps a young lamb of the Temple to have it fried for a festive dinner, Johnny gets a chance to prove his courage. He, along with the cock and the pigs, goes to a terrible wolf to save a common beloved. Friends Forever can be viewed in English in a good quality with us.

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