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Watch cartoon Fantastic Mr Fox in English with Subtitles

Mr. Fox lives with his family in a deep hole. Near the house there are three large farms. One of them belongs to the Bohus - a chicken farmer, the other - Barnes, who breeds ducks, and the third - Bina - the producer of a wonderful apple cider.

Fox and age can not live without having to steal anything from farmers. In the house of the red family there is always something to do with the crafty hunting talent.

But stealing chickens and ducks is very dangerous, you can get trapped and die, and the family is expected to replenish.

Therefore, at the request of his beloved wife, Lys ceases to live in the theft and arranges himself to work as a journalist in one of the local newspapers. He even has his own column called "Life Life with Mr. Fox".

So it's twelve years old. But such a life is not like a predator who does not imagine himself without risk and danger. Natural instincts take their own.

Fox dreams of turning one big three-stage case. He is developing a master plan. In this case, his friend Oposum and Cousin Christopherson are helping him.

The plans of the incomparable Fox include robbery of all three farms. This will be an unforgettable and incredibly dangerous adventure. Fantastic Mr Fox can be viewed in English in a good quality with us.

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