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Watch cartoon Escape from Planet Earth in English with Subtitles

Two brothers live on a wonderful planet Baab. Elder Gerry works in the center of space flight management, and younger - Scorch performs complex and dangerous tasks and rescue operations on other planets of the galaxy.

Brothers work only together. During each operation they are always in touch. Skorch possesses extraordinary power and courage, but he lacks wisdom and savvy.

Herri fills this frustration with his brother, exposing him to the most dangerous situations. He even designed specifically for the hero unsurpassed spacesuit, equipped with the latest technology.

 Such a costume has not yet seen the world. He gives courage to valuable guidance from the control center, so all Scorch's operations are brilliant.

Once, inspired by his successes, the older brother goes to the salvation of the planet Earth. Despite the fact that prudent Guerrie advises not to hurry with the departure, Scorch decides to fly immediately.

He is so self-confident who refuses to help his loyal partner. Consequently, Scorch flies to save the Earth, and Guerra follows after him to save both Earth and brother and other planets at the same time. Escape from Planet Earth cartoon can be viewed in English in a good quality with us.

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