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Watch cartoon Coco in English with Subtitles

Miguel is an eleven-years old boy. He lives in a small Mexican city, where all of habitants do know each other. These people are admiring with a great musician that died cause an accident many years ago.

The boy and his an all big family are making shoes in the same way as their ancestors and ancestors of the ancestors. It's nothing weird that Miguel love music very much and the famous Ernesto de la Cruz, a great musician of all times, is his idol. But in the family tradition, there is a ban for a music. No one is allowed to play music, to sing songs and especial to have thoughts about a musician career.

This topic is a cause of permanent controversies between the boy and his grandmother. But once he will get a great opportunity to have a speak with his admire's object on Land of the Dead and to see his dead relatives. We don't know whether he able to come back in a real living world. Coco 2017 can be viewed in English in a good quality with us.

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