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Watch cartoon Astro Boy in English with Subtitles

MetroSiti is a wonderful city that soars above the earth. It is created from the beautiful Mount Sofia, which was sent to the sky away from the contaminated surface. Nobody is interested in what's going on below.

The Metrosite was transformed into a paradise city where a lot of robots of a variety of types and sizes serve a person. Here lives a brilliant scientist - Dr. Tenma, headed by the Ministry of Science.

 It is him that can rightly be considered the father of modern robotics. The doctor works with the brilliant professor Elafan, who made a unique discovery. He pulled out from the fragment of the dead star an unusual source of pure positive energy - the blue core.

This discovery can help the land to acquire the former blossoming look and get rid of the consequences of the man-made harmful influence on nature over the centuries.

But after the removal of positive energy, there was a byproduct in the form of a negative red core. These two components can not be connected, otherwise the consequences may be unpredictable.

Dr. Tenny is a very intelligent son to You. He surpasses the knowledge of all his peers at school and also as a father, is interested in works.

On one fatal day, the doctor deprives his only child. Without teasing himself from grief, the scientist wants to revive his boy. He creates a work that is an exact copy of Toby and owns his memory. Instead of the heart, the boys have the same blue core that has extraordinary power. So a new life begins for You who does not yet know that he is not human.

Little work still has to open up incredible super abilities and find its place in this world. Astro Boy cartoon can be viewed in English in a good quality with us.

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