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 Barbie A Fairy Secret watch

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Stunning Barbie prepares for the premiere of her new movie. Assistant stylists Carrie and Taylor create an impeccable image for her, and admirers waited for the appearance of their idol on the red carpet. However, the arrival of Barbie and her favorite, footballer Ken, is obscured by the behavior of Raquel, a beautiful brunette who played with our heroine in the new Barbie movie: A Fairy Secret online.

As soon as Barbie comes out of a luxurious limousine, the attention of reporters and the public is transferred to it, and Raquel immediately goes back to the background. Envy and anger cause her to spoil Barbie's dress, stepping on his split with a sharp heel. However, the ubiquitous Kerry and Taylor come to the aid, which, with the help of magic, restore the outfit.

The next day, the rivalry between the two rivals goes on in the restaurant, where they meet accidentally. Barbie in the cartoon Barbie: A Fairy Secret online and could not imagine that while she enthusiastically tries to stand up for herself, Princess Fairy Graciella laid eyes on Ken and was preparing to kidnap her.

In the midst of a quarrel between Raquel and Barbie there are winged fairies that pick up a young boy and through the portal deliver to the magical city of Los Angeles. Graciella intends to play the wedding as soon as possible, not knowing that her love is merely the result of a love potion.

This event reveals amazing secrets. Carrie and Taylor, who for a long time work as stylists of the main heroine, are fairies themselves and are now ready to openly use magic to help Barbie return the bridegroom. Graziella pragmatically prepared for the kidnapping of Ken and closed all the portals that lead the city fairies. However, one of them is not subordinate to her. Our heroine Barbie, Rachel, Carrie and Taylor go to Paris, where this magical portal is located. Barbie A Fairy Secret movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Barbie A Fairy Secret with Subtitles in English

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Watch Barbie: A Fairy Secret in English

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