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 Barbie The Pearl Princess watch

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A girl with a puppet look named Lumin - a real dream! She is attractive, polite, talented and friendly. The golden mass of Luminai spend the whole day in a beauty salon, which deals with the fact that with the help of make-up and hairdressing talent makes its customers even more beautiful and stylish.

In addition, she has a secret magic gift - with only one touch, she can change the color of the pearls and create new brilliant jewelry!

But one wonderful day Luminen becomes aware that she is a mermaid, and even a royal breed. The newly-made sea princess with a head plunges into a breathtaking new world for himself, where she is waiting for dizzying adventures, sparkly twisted puzzles and wise trials!

Of course, to overcome all the difficulties of Luminai will help gay fish, sea rays, turtles and other underwater creatures, as well as pretty little mermaids. The new Barbie cartoon: The Pearl Princess is specially designed for young boxers who adore making their new stylish hairstyles to their dolls, and they themselves spin without end in front of the mirror and crap.

He was released in 2014. Bright, realistic three-dimensional animation will definitely not leave indifferent little beauties, because director Teri Klassen knows well what baby dolls like Barbie, Sindy and Ken are like.

The full-length cartoon lasts for an hour and a quarter, and all this time the girls can not be torn off the screen, because they will be delighted to look at the wardrobe of the heroine and her girlfriends, their jewelry, braids and accessories! Barbie: Star Light Adventure movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Barbie The Pearl Princess with Subtitles in English

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Watch Barbie: The Pearl Princess in English

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