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 Barbie and the Secret Door watch

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Alex, who was destined to be born a princess, lives in her castle as if imprisoned. She does not like her life, which would have dreamed of millions of girls. Alex, at the same time, dreams to live the life of these elementary girls. Indeed, in reality, the life of the princess, as she feels, is boring and predictable.

A girl does not like to take guests, she wants to be free and independent of endless political rules, from a terrible annoying throne, and Alex is increasingly thinking that it's time to change the life of the cartoon Barbie and the Secret Door.

But what if there is no way out? There is nowhere to run, because if she escapes, her father will find her in any case, return to the courtyard and put her in guard. And then the girl will disappear even partial freedom.

 And one day, while she walks around thinking what could be done, Alex finds a gate that pushes you into the magical incredible world. He also attracts the young princess, who, unable to withstand the temptation, throws himself into this whirlpool of magic literally with his head!

Girl named Alex - the main character of the Barbie cartoon and the secret door. She is a good, gentle and not spoiled princess. Alex loves reading and panicked for public speaking. Once in the morning, Barbie learns waltz, who has to dance in the evening at the ball.

But the girl is constantly falling, and therefore believes that she is badly out. The girl is gnawing fears that she will fall before the crowd. An angry princess calms her grandmother and gives her a magic book. So the story of Barbie and the secret doors begins. Watch the free online cartoon for the whole family.

While reading, the princess stumbles into the park where the door is found, the same as in the pictures in the book. The beauty enters it and falls into another, fantastic and fabulous world. There she meets Princess Noria and the mermaid Romie.

Girls will recognize her, although Alex sees them for the first time. It is the inhabitants of this wonderful world that reveals to her the secret. Only Alex can help overcome the evil ruler, because the princess owns magic ... Barbie: Star Light Adventure movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Barbie and the Secret Door with Subtitles in English

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Watch Barbie and the Secret Door in English

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