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 Friends Forever watch

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Recently, cinematographers, even in children's cartoons, have so much violence, scenes of assassinations and fights. The constant struggle between evil and good, cartoons in the genre of blockbusters, all this negatively affects the psyche of the child. And how do you want to show him cute, kind cartoons, who teach something light.

That's exactly what Tony Lezer and Jasper Muller did, releasing the cartoon "Friends forever" in joint production with companies in Germany, Italy and France. The cartoon was released on the screens in 2009, but today you can watch Friends forever online for free on many video internet sites.

 This is a fun and fun story about friendship and mutual help. Johnny's goal is to dance about the actor's fame, but he is denied, since he is too small for heroic roles. Realizing that he will not do anything Johnny leaves the city and falls into a farm where his stories of pirates and princesses are fascinated by all the inhabitants. The farm is home to the Waldemar Pig, the Frank's Cock, Claudia's Lamb, the old guard dog, the cow, the chickens and the kvochki. They have their little world where they are in the cartoon. Friends are forever online to feel very happy.

 Johnny feels like a star on the farm, and he really likes it. But there is an unexpected event - Claudia disappears. Friends ask Johnny to find her, but the target simply scared and decided to escape. But Frank, who did not always trust the boastful little boy, decided to go to search for Claudia from Johnny, and took Valdemar with him.

During the trip, we see Johnny and the boastful little boy changing, he becomes a real hero who is fearlessly rushing to the rescue of his new friends. Friends with honor come out of all the whack, and return to their native farm winners. But precisely here, Johnny understands how he was wrong and becomes embarrassed.

This story teaches that you do not have to lie, because everything will open, true friends will always help and rescue, and even the most boastful target can find a true friendship. It is worth noting that this is a pictorial cartoon with vivid graphics and beautiful drawing. Such cartoons help to develop aesthetic taste in a child, he is saturated with bright colors and funny cartoon heroes.

Light, unpretentious, country-style music accompanies the entire cartoon. The cartoon "Friends forever" will be enjoyable for kids and adults online, as it is a light and fun story that will lift the mood and give confidence that everything will be fine.
Friends Forever movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Friends Forever in English

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Watch Friends Forever in English

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