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 Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure watch

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This featured Disney series animation is a continuation of the Cartoon "Fairies." For the holiday, which started the fairies, it is necessary to turn the moonlight into a charming pollen with the help of the Moonstone. This light is needed in order to rejuvenate the tree of a charming pollen in the fairy cartoon: Lost Treasure online.

For this stone you need a rod - a stand, which instructs to make fairies Tinker Bell, as the best masters among all the fairies. Accidentally breaking the stone in a delicate mood, Dign threatens the existence of the whole civilization of fairies. In order to correct this situation, fairies have to find out the whole legend of this mirror.

Then she goes on the road. Having gone through all the difficulties, Tinker Bell finds a mirror in North Netlandia and returns home. Once again breaking the stone through her annoyance, her friend Terence advises her that she insert broken fragments of stone into a scepter, she did.
Fortunately, the power of the stone broke out again with renewed vigor. Celebration of fairies is fun and successful. And with the help of the restored mirror fairy Din Din performs his most cherished desire. What a desire fairy will fulfill the magic mirror and many other riddles of this cartoon, you can find out by reviewing all of them ...

Cartoon Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure online - a fantasy, American production, released in 2009. Immediately I would like to note the very high quality of the picture, performed with the soul and love, as if somebody of the adults decided to show the child who sits in every adult person. Everything is thought out to the smallest details and with the highest endeavor. Characters are individual, humor is good and soft, there is a moral that teaches, but does not press.

The Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure cartoon is more than a child contingent, which will appreciate all the efforts of adults to show what lives in their romantic and kind hearts.

Nlandia is a fabulous country where fairies live. They can change colors in the seasons, painted flowers in juicy and bright colors of the summer, leaves of trees in the colors of the autumn, they paint black spots on the red wings of the sun and even put the animals in hibernation.
The fairies always have a lot of work and they never sit idle. Masters of fairies Tinker Bell, as well as her friends need to urgently revive the tree of Feyz Pollen. The Tinker Bell Fairy is the best craftsman to make the Scepter .. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure with Subtitles in English

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Watch Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure in English

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