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 Santa's Magic Crystal watch

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The cartoon was shot in the genre of magic adventure children's film in 2011 by the joint efforts of Finland and Italy by directors Igor Bertolucci and Antti Khaikala. The film immediately found a response in the hearts of the audience and not only the viewers, but also many adults were simply delighted with the history of Santa's Magic Crystal online.

 On the eve of Christmas and New Year, an unknown thief kidnaps the charming Santa Crystal with the help of which Santa Claus could congratulate all the children in the world at the same time, otherwise how was he alone to handle, congratulating so many children at once with a new year and Christmas? In joyous excitement, people are preparing gifts for each other, decorating a Christmas tree, not knowing what has happened.

The main protagonist of the fairy tale is the boy's boyfriend Joen, he is very gentle and responsive, but his kindness finds out the response not far from everyone around him. One day he helps the little boy write a letter to Santa Claus, which is late for dinner and for which the brutal educators drive him out of the shelter directly to the street.

And here they begin to be interested in the cunning and wicked brother of Santi Disill, having fallen into a boy he throws him on to steal a magic crystal. He himself can not do this, just as only good and honest people can touch the crystal, and, of course, Disill does not belong to either good or honest people.

Convinced that he will do a good job, Joen brings him a crystal, and then, Christmas is under threat of failure, just as now the children will be left without gifts, and what is Christmas without gifts?

Now, the trusted Joten must fix his mistake and return the crystal to the Santa's Magic Crystal cartoon online. How it succeeds, watch online!

Joten, as already mentioned above, a kind and sensible boy that would be commendable, if he was not in addition to being too overwhelming. As shown in the fairy tale, in aggregate such qualities can seriously harm a person and lead to catastrophic consequences, but the advantage of the character of Yoten is also courage, precisely because of it he found the strength to acknowledge his fault and return the crystal.

Trust, but check, and in what case - acknowledge and correct, teach us a movie, no doubt, every person should be responsible for his mistakes and guilty. However, in the event that we correct our own mistakes, the surrounding ones will not only change our attitude toward us, but, on the contrary, will provide us with the help we can.

This movie is a fairy tale loved and will love to see almost all the adults and children of Finland, because this snowy country is an endlessly close topic of the Christmas miracle, and now you can watch it absolutely free! Santas Magic Crystal full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Santa's Magic Crystal in English

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Watch Santa's Magic Crystal in English

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