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 Winnie the Pooh watch

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A good cute fairy tale from the legendary Walt Disney Company, which tells about the amazing adventures of the famous Bear and his friends. Small viewers will definitely like to watch Winnie the Pooh online. Great music, touching characters, fantastic atmosphere is what children need.

Winnie's bear is waiting for many important things. Every day he wakes up and goes to look for another pots with honey. But in one lovely morning, Winnie meets his friend Donkey in a depressed state - the tail disappeared. As a loyal friend, the bear can not leave alone alone with his own misfortune and attracts all the beasts of the forest to search for the tail.

In order not to lose time, friends decide to hold the contest and pick up the most beautiful and original tail for Oslak. What only did not have to survive the sad Ia, while friends were looking for a worthy replacement for his tail. But the inhabitants of the forest did not have time to recover from the troubles of the Donkey, as Pooh learned that their boyfriend, boy Christopher Robbin, stole a terrible monster.

In a fun company there is another important mission and a serious plan, in which everyone plays an important role. All forces inhabitants of the forest are thrown to release the boy and build a trap for the monster. But Winnie has more urgent concerns - the search for honey, which does not always end up well. His immediacy causes a smile, and sometimes a compassion.

Our cute heroes at Winnie the Pooh are constantly falling into ridiculous mischief and unexpected situations, come to the aid of each other and exhibit miracles of mutual reciprocation. Will the donkey tail be found? What really happened to Christopher Robbin? And who turned out to be the terrible monster for which the inhabitants of the forest built traps? Include Winnie the Pooh watch online for free who will be interesting both for adults and for children.

Winnie awakens from what the narrator awoke, saying that the bear is waiting for very important things. Of course, the first thing Winnie decided to have breakfast, but it was not as bad as honey in the house. There was no such food in Alaska. Vukhan himself was worried about the disappearance of his tail, and Christopher Robin announced a competition whose winner would receive a jar of honey. Naturally, the idea of ​​a prize boy threw a bear. The essence of the contest is simple: it was necessary to find the vukhan tail tailor. Philin gained victory with his idea of ​​attaching a plate with the words "TIME" to Vukhan.

Winnie decided to ask Christopher Robin a treasured jar of honey. However, having come home to the boy, amazed cuddle saw that there was nobody in the house. Only a strange note, which he decided to immediately refer to Pugach, who was able to read. As soon as Filin read the note, he shouted that Christopher Robin had stolen some Yaskorro. In fact, the boy meant the phrase "I will soon".

Now all cartoon heroes have joined forces to catch the mysterious Yaskorro. The rabbit developed a trap plan: I had to dig a pit, put a bait to which mycical Yaskorra would lead. After the kidnapper is caught, Christopher Robin will return. Meanwhile, Tigrul decided to teach the donkey how to act if Yaskorro was attacked. Quickly dressed in the kidnapper, Tigrul began to rehearse the attack plan, but Donkey did not like it, and he decided to hide. The disappearance of one excited Tigrul, who even thought that Vuhany ate. After Tigrul saw incomprehensible traces and thought, Iskorra somewhere near and decided to escape from him deep into the forest ... Winnie the Pooh full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Winnie the Pooh with Subtitles in English

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Watch Winnie the Pooh in English

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