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 The Secret of Kells watch

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The action begins in an ancient city, where the central place is given to the ancient Abbey of Kelse. The abbey has an authoritarian superior. The main role in the The Secret of Kells cartoon online is given to the little boy Brendan, who is a nephew mentor. Not so long ago the boy lost his parents, and now his only guardian is a mentor.

 The boy is not lagging behind things. He is trying to bring his contribution to helping the community. Together with the monks, he strengthens the walls to protect the building from attacks by the Vikings. However, when the brother of the boy arrives in the city - Aidan, his life changes dramatically. Influencing the boy with his own example, he reveals talent and attraction for art.

The French cartoon "The Secret of Kells", which appeared on screens in 2009, was nominated for the Oscars Award and collected a large number of positive reviews from viewers of all ages and generations. Surprisingly wise, powerful, interesting and unusual picture consists of a multitude of different characters.

Some guess at once, others will have to break their heads, in order to form the necessary associations. This is an interesting tape that opens the main moral. If you are interested in an intellectual subject, see the Kelsey Abbey Mystery Cartoon online cartoon.

The story of The Secret of Kells tells of life in the abbey of Kells, which hid in the wilderness. It is home to an unusual boy Brendan, a very creative and gifted personality who is engaged not in what he likes in life. Like all the people who fear not to obey the abbot, Brendan builds a lock, able to protect the abbey from barbarian raids.

The boy listens carefully to the stories of the monks, who constantly tell that there is some sacred book that can save people from pernicious misfortunes. The picture is facing two vital positions. On the one hand, the rector, thinking that the world will save the high wall, on the other hand Brendan, is convinced that only the sacred book can save the souls of the lost and the suffering. The Secret of Kells full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch The Secret of Kells with Subtitles in English

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Watch The Secret of Kells in English

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