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 Fantastic Mr Fox watch

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Wes Anderson's debut work as a director, this is a cartoon Fantastic Mr. Fox The film is filmed under the same name as Roald Dahl. Work on the film began back in 2004 at Revolution Studios, but in 2006 the studio closed, and the creation of the cartoon was transferred to the English studio Fox Animation Studios.

 On the Fantastic Mr. Fox online came out in 2009 and collected cash collections over 46 million dollars. Today, the "Fantastic Mr. Lis" animated film offers free viewing of many Internet video portals for free. This is a wonderful story that will be interesting to adults as well.

The plot of the cartoon is dynamic, full of many events and unexpected moments. Mr. Fox is a cunning and desperate fox who likes to go to the nearby farms. But the birth of children, makes Fox give a promise to his wife no more to steal. And everything seems to be fine, Fox writes a column in a newspaper, he is happy and happy life.

But at one point he got bored for his past life, and secretly his wife decided to visit the farm. Offended farmers start a real hunt for Fox, which suffers from all other animals. But the incomparable Mr. Fox always finds a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation and people are left with nothing.

This is a funny picture of an incredibly cunning slave who finds a way out of any situation. The picture captures its dynamism and the most unexpected turns of the plot. Every second something happens new and the viewer is constantly in tension.

I would like to note, also amazing graphics and bright colors that create the mood of the whole picture. It is worth noting that this is a puppet film, but it is so strikingly high-quality that it does not even believe that all heroes are ordinary dolls of the cartoon Fantastic Mr. Fox online.

It is worth noting that he gave voice to the incomparable Fox George Clooney, and his wife was voiced by the wonderful Meril Streep. In addition, one can not but mention the amazing musical accompaniment of the cartoon, which was awarded the "Oscar" Award. But this is not the only reward for the cartoon.

Generally an animated film "Fantastic Mr. Fox »received two Oscars, the Saturn, Golden Globe, and the British Film Academy Award and the American Council of Film critics. Awesome list for one cartoon. But in order to understand why this picture has earned so many awards, we encourage you to view the whole family of the "Fantastic Mr. Lis" cartoon online online.

The animated film "Fantastic Mr. Fox »made by animators in the USA and UK in 2009. Director and scriptwriter Wes Anderson shot a film based on English fairy tales.

To the joy of small and large viewers, the film delights in excellent picture quality, beautiful backgrounds and incredible charm of the hero, which is transmitted with small nuances, but so beautiful that even without the text it becomes clear what is happening on the screen. As always in cartoons, there is an educational beginning, which is intended for almost all spectators, regardless of age - everyone has to live in the world.

In one locality, Fox, the crazy fox, did not give rest to the farmers, who bypassed all the traps and got into the chicken coop to bring food home, where the two future forest thieves - small lilies grew up.

Considering that great changes have taken place in life, Mr. Fox has decided to recall the old times for the last time and then stop climbing on other people's henchmen. But the foxes are bald, and it was not so easy to solve the problem, since farmers promised to do everything to destroy the fox ... Fantastic Mr Fox full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Fantastic Mr Fox with Subtitles in English

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