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Once upon a time, smart cars were invented, but they were devoid of all kinds of feelings. Man was able to control his creation only for a certain moment, while the cars did not rebel against his creator. All humanity died in a bloody battle and, it would seem, all living on Earth was destroyed in the cartoon Nine online. But little hope still remains alive ...

The professor, who created all these horrible cars, made rake dolls before his death. In each of them he invested the human soul, and in the Ninth he put his own. And now the future of mankind depends on these dolls. Will they be able to restore life on Earth? Each of the nine heroes has their own temper, but only together they are capable of fulfilling the mission.

The main responsibility lies at the Ninth, because it is the soul of the professor who created these machines. Now he must use all the memories and skills so that evil is defeated.

Cartoon Nine online tells us about a terrible war in which, unfortunately, all people were killed, all this is done by the paws of mechanical robots. Let's tell a little from where did these works. One old professor lived in the world, his activity was solely on the creation of robots. Once he managed to create a real monster, which consisted of nine ordinary dolls of motans, he decided to put in this work and human souls. A total of nine characters and nine unique heroes, which is to save the world from monsters and revive the planet of life.

New Cartoon 9 online released in 2009, premiered on September 9, 2009. Shane Eker, director of the picture, came up with a very interesting script. It all began after a person created artificial intelligence, but there was one problem people could not give their souls robots to make them human. And what happened that eventually did not happen, the work began to exist, declared war on mankind ...

Humanity was exterminated, but a scientist who created artificial intelligence led a double game, he created nine dolls in which he managed to put humanity. Now on these dolls is all the hope for the restoration and revival of mankind. 9 full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

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