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 Toy Story 3 After watch

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"Toy Story: The Great Escape" is a full-length animated film produced by Pixar Studio. The cartoon became the triple of the world-famous painting "Toy Story". This film was acknowledged to be the most casual in 2010, as well as the first cartoon, which collections totaled more than a billion dollars. The premiere of the picture took place in 2010, now Toy Story 3 cartoon is online at any time.

 In this cartoon we meet again with our beloved heroes - the toys of boy Andy. Now Andy became completely adult, he turned 17 and he was going to college. Until the departure of the boy, only three days left. Andy wants to take her own favorite from an early childhood toy - cowboy Woody.

Meanwhile, other toys are very worried about the fact that they will be further. And when Andy collects them in a package to remove them in the attic, they decide that the boy planned to throw them away as unnecessary. As a result, through the randomness of the toys fall on the floor, and Andy's mom finds her.

 Deciding what it's garbage is, she's going to throw them away. Woody, seeing that his friends are in distress, decides to help them. But it turns out that the toys in the meantime hid in the garage, having decided that they would be best taken to kindergarten "Sonechko" than thrown into the garbage. Woody does not have time to explain to others that Andy did not want to throw away anyone, and they get into a kindergarten by car.

Toys in Toy Story 3 online start a new life in a kindergarten, but Woody is very sad for Eddie and therefore tries to escape to return home ... Meanwhile, the toys, rejoicing at the fact that they found a new home, suddenly realize, that "Sonechka" is not all so good. The toy's leader, Lotto's bear, is not really so kind and good as it seemed at first. In fact, he is a real dictator who can not tolerate beginners!

As a result, Woody will have to return to the kindergarten to help his friends overcome the terrible Lotto and his gang. Subsequently, they will have to overcome an easy journey to Andy and find a new, genuine and beautiful home.

You are interested in how things will happen? How will your favorite heroes be able to cope with all the difficulties? Then the cartoon "Toy Story: Great Escape" can be viewed right now.
Toy Story 3 full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Toy Story 3 with Subtitles in English

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Watch Toy Story 3 in English

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