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 The Croods watch

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DreamWorks 2013 comedy cartoon that will tell about the adventures of a family of prehistoric people. They are so difficult to survive in the severe cave age, and here as a result of the tectonic shift their only shelter collapses. Our heroes have to go to search for a new asylum and at the same time experience a lot of exciting events. Already watch The Croods online

 The animation project was warmly received by the public, and in 2013 it announced the beginning of work on the sequel of the painting, as well as the filming of the animated series. And in 2017 the second part of the cartoon Family of Krsts 2 will emerge.

The Croods is in extremely difficult conditions. Days and nights they spend in a cave, the entrance to which closes a huge boulder. From their shelter, people are chosen solely on the instructions of a responsible and foreseeable father, and even then, only in order to get another portion of food. All their neighbors, because of their own carelessness, perished, and therefore the Krsts remained completely alone and have to beware of mammoths, sand snakes, poisonous mosquitoes and many other hostile creatures.

However, the eldest daughter of Gibb is not at all delighted with this state of affairs and constantly violates the rules laid down by the head of the family. Once at night, when the whole family was firmly asleep, she notices the bright light that strikes from the outside and is secretly selected from the cave. It turns out that in her gorge her family is not alone. A small boy with a beast named Kusak lives close by. From him, Gibb learns of the terrible threat that is about to destroy everything around.

Do not postpone the Croods online for free, and you'll find out what danger the cavemen will have to face. A strong earthquake leads to the destruction of their native cave and the need to go on a journey for the sake of finding a new home.

Accustomed to the world, limited by rapid rock, members of the family find that outside of it there is a wonderful beauty of nature. The work with their immediacy begin to recognize the unknown mysteries, get acquainted with unusual animals and birds, adapt to dangerous conditions. They are joined by Small, who does not get tired of wondering about the limitations and timidity of the family.

Soon it becomes known that the devastating earthquake does not end, and people expect even more spectacular trials. The Croods full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch The Croods with Subtitles in English

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Watch The Croods in English

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