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 Despicable Me watch

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Cartoon "Despicable Me" went on sale in 2010. The cartoon company Universal was released, Illumination Entertainment studio engaged in the production of cartoon. Cartoon directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Reno. You can watch cartoon worthless now. I am online with us.

 One of the protagonists of "Despicable Me" is Super League named Gry. Like a real wolf from the cartoon, he has his own castle, the means of movement and the army of funny and funny yellow creatures - minions. Also, Hugh hates when strangers come to his house. He did not disappoint with the three girls who sell cookies - Agnes, Edith and Margot.

Some tourist in Egypt found that the real pyramid of Cheops was stolen, and in its place is an inflated dummy. Learning about this kidnapping, Gry made a speech to the minions, and announced that he had already stolen a big monitor from Times Square, the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty, but now he is going to steal the Moon. However, for this his greatest atrocities he needs a special device - a dimmer.

In addition to the Reducer, he still needs a lot of money he is going to take in the Evil Bank, but the director of the Evil Bank, Mr. Perkins puts a condition that will give money only when Gry is a diminutive. There, in the bank of Gryu, meets Vektor, son of Mr. Perkins, and a young villain who stole the pyramid of Cheops. Grow manages to steal a dimmer in the military, but the Vector drove him to Gry.

 Unlike Gry, Vector really loves the cookies sold by the girls, and Gru decides to use them to turn the device. He takes the girls out of the shelter and places them in his home. They are persuading him to take them to a ballet school, there they are invited to perform, in the cartoon Despicable Me 1 he says he will come, but he does not intend to go to the ballet.

 In the end, with the help of the robots hidden behind the biscuits, he can turn the dimmer, but Perkins again refuses to give him money, this time saying that for this case he is already too old, simultaneously warns his son Vektor, that Gry is a diminutive.

Then the Mignon collects their savings and it turns out to be enough, they build an interplanetary ship with improvised means and Gry flies to the Moon, but at the last moment two minions, Stewart and Jerry secretly put a ticket to the girl's show from the pocket of his squadron. At the same time, before the flight, they take the girls and give them back to the shelter, because he can not give them enough time.

 Grow falls to the moon and reduces it, but it notices a ticket to the show here. He returns to Earth at great speed, but does not have time for ballet. In addition, it turns out that Vector has kidnapped girls. Grue manages to penetrate into the Castle of the Vector, but Vector fades. Their ship is increasing, Gry tells the girls to jump, two of them jump, but Margot catches the Vector.

She falls with Gry, they are picked up by minions lined up in a rope. The vector remains forever on the moon, and Gru becomes the father's father for the girls.
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Watch Despicable Me in English

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