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 How to Train Your Dragon watch

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Moving fantasy story from DreamWorks will take viewers into the world, where people and dragons are neighbors. Residents of the island Telephen for hundreds of years, reflect the attacks of fire-fighting lizards. The chief of the village decides to find a monastery of monsters and finally destroy them, but his son does not allow these plans to be realized.

After the premiere in 2010, the cartoon was a ghastly success and was nominated for the Oscars Award. Start How to curb the dragon online watch for free and enjoy an exciting storyline, great humor and impressive animation.

Rocky Island Telepn is famous for brave warriors-Vikings, for courage and endurance that there are no equal. The only adversaries with which the inhabitants of the island are not able to handle is the fire dragons. They constantly attack the village, steal cattle, set fire to homes, bring destruction and disasters.

The son of the leader, young and infirm Ikking, is considered the weakest of Vikings and sent by his father to an apprentice to a local gunner Nameless Bird.
However, the guy rushes to fight dragons and dreams of dealing with at least one of them in the cartoon How to Train Your Dragon online.
One day he manages to shoot down the most mysterious lizard - Night Furry. The devastated dragon that is entangled in a trap, Ikking finds in the forest thicket, but can not finish it. Moreover, he frees the fury Helps her overcome the wound and calls the Butthead.

Every day, friendship between Ikking and the dragon gets stronger. The more a boy learns about his new friend, the stronger he is convinced that his knowledge of the fire-breathing reptiles is false. Will he be able to convince this tribesmen, find out when you watch "How to Train Your Dragon" online.

For a long time, Ikking keeps his secret discovery, but Ambitious Ingrid, who does not calm the boy's success in curbing dragons in the arena, learns about his friendship with Bezzubik. Now he has to bring to the attention of other residents of the village and his father,
to stop the murderous history of relations between people and reptiles.

It's not easy to do: a long-standing hostility does not make the Vikings so easy to reconcile with the recent enemies. However, for the sake of saving Bezzubika, Ikking dares to do a crazy thing. How to Train Your Dragon full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch How to Train Your Dragon with Subtitles in English

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Watch How to Train Your Dragon in English

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