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 Battle for Terra watch

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The cartoon tells a terrific fantastic planet called Terra. An expeditionary group, consisting of the human people, arrives on the planet, their task is to examine the planet for signs of life and, if possible, relocate the people from the planet Earth.

Life on Earth is practically unsuitable for existence, and earthlings go to search for a new home in the cartoon Battle for Terra online. But it turns out that living on the planet live creatures "terrians" their lives under great threat, because earthlings decided to test their latest equipment Terraformer, which should make the planet fit for life.

 The animated film "Battle for Terra Planet" was produced in the USA in 2009. The director of this fantastic action film was Aristominis Tisbas. The film is another sequel to the space blockbuster, which in various formations tells about the conquest of outer space by earthlings.

Cartoon The Battle of Planet Terra is made online with the American scale, it contains all the attributes of the cosmic confrontation, but without a lyrical theme, which eventually turns out to be a victory, the picture did not work out. Traditional qualitative graphics, excellent colors, good drawing of the smallest details, musical accompaniment give an occasion to watch it with the whole family.

 Earthlings have brought their planet to the point that it became practically not suitable for living. People searched everywhere for a suitable planet to move and live. In the far corner of the Galaxy, they found the planet Terra, which is ideally suited for earthlings, but there were their own inhabitants. 

It was decided to send Terra selective landing troops, with Terraformer, to simply destroy all the local population. Given that Terry's population never fought, it was doomed to total destruction. But, during one of the flights over the planet, a rocket crashes, and the pilot descends to Terra, where his local girl is picking up and leaving ... Battle for Terra full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Battle for Terra with Subtitles in English

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Watch Battle for Terra in English

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