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 Astro Boy watch

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Metropolis is a city of the future that is hovering over the earth, where the main events of the Astro Boy cartoon unfold online. One of the city's residents, Dr. Tenme, created subterranean robots, which are indispensable assistive people in many industries. 

To you, his son inherited incredible knowledge from his father and is considered one of the most intelligent boys in the Metropolis, capable of solving even the most difficult tasks.

The boy, like many other his peers, is very interested in military equipment. It is this passion for the Astro boy cartoon online that led to the tragedy. Well, that one of the colleagues of Dr. Tenma created two energy cores (Red and Blue).

 The blue core is not a danger, since it consists of positive energy. What can not be said about the Red Kernel, consisting of negative energy. It was the Red Kernel who was interested in General Stone, who ordered him to make the most powerful weapon.

The kernel's strength was tested using the peacekeeper's robot, which was placed inside. Because of the tragic accident, the boy Toby was next to the robot just at the moment when an explosion occurred. There was no chance to survive in You.

Tenme could not accept the loss of a single son and went on a step of despair. With the positive energy of the Blue Core, as well as an archival copy of the memory of the deceased son, the scientist is resurrecting to You, but already as a cyborg.

Time passes, and the scientist realizes that no cyborg can replace the real son. As for Toby (Astroboy), he discovered incredible abilities: to fly, to drill the earth with his own hands. However, Tenme never revealed to him the secret, and You considered yourself a full-fledged child. 

Everything changed at a time when the boy-cyborg accidentally witnessed a conversation between Tenme and his colleague, who was just about Toby.
From the dialogue he realized that he is just a robot, and therefore can not consider himself a full resident of the Metropolis. You decide to leave the city forever ... Astro Boy full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Astro Boy with Subtitles in English

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Watch Astro Boy in English

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