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 Escape from Planet Earth watch

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In February 2013, on the blue screens of the planet, a regular space multi-saga appeared with a dizzying storyline. Escape from planet Earth online - a joint creation of Canadian and American creatives. The tandem of the studios "Blue Yonder Films" and "Rainmaker Entertainment" issued a funny, adventure cartoon that you can watch for free. The world-famous stars - magnificent Jessica Alba with Sarah Jessica Parker and charismatic Brendan Fraser - were connected to the project.

 The distant planet Baab, inhabited by intelligent, and not very, life. The planet is in the very center of the universe, being one of the most developed in the galaxy. Common pet - Astronaut Scorch Supernova decides to go with a dangerous mission to the mysterious "Zone 51", which is nothing more than our oldest Earth. From the planet there is a distress signal, ignoring which national hero Baab can not. Going to Earth, Scorch falls into the intricate trap set by the earthly villain - agent William Schenker. Schenker is a fighter with aliens, hates all around. He passionately wants to take over the technologies of extraterrestrial civilization.

To save a desperate brother goes to Harry, yet his blood is native. Harry - the exact opposite of brave Skorchu. A genius engineer does not like risk, is afraid of adventure, and does not endure physical activity. But the salvation of his brother's business is not limited. The events unfold in such a way that Harry is compelled to save the whole planet, and even the galaxy, and his family - the wife of Kiro with his son Kip.
Despite the differences, the brothers act very coherently, protecting each other nobly. They together fight with the villain Shencker, escaped from difficult situations, cutting off funny jokes at the same time. It is noteworthy that during appeals to minor characters in the cartoon "Escape from Planet Earth online" often slips the names of the famous directors of earthly reality - James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg and so on.

Look at how brave brothers once again get out of a troubled Earth - very interesting. And interesting both for children and adults. Good humor cartoon is closely intertwined with life lessons about friendship, love and understanding. We must admit that the cartoon has succeeded in fame.

The full-length animated film "Escape from Planet Earth" of the joint production of the USA and Canada appeared on screens in 2013.
Made this adventure fantasy with a good taste of humor directed by Kellan Brookner in a joint scenario with Bob Barren and Tony Leach. The authors managed to find the original storyline, turning our notion of space aliens. Beautiful graphics, great colors, The qualitative dynamics of movements and good humor have made this cartoon one of the best prime ministers this year.

 The planet Baab is located in the very center of the universe, so the invaders are primarily trying to capture the Ba'ab, and then use the planet as a springboard for future raids. Two brothers - Harry and Scorch are always ready, to protect the native planet and the galaxy.
They are the exact opposite. Harry first thinks well and then works, but Scorch can not stop anyone, but this does not prevent his brothers from working together. Once they manage to receive a SOS signal from a planet that is considered extremely dangerous in all space loots. Scorch, without thinking a second, flies to Earth, but gets trapped. Harry goes to his rescue .. Escape from Planet Earth full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Escape from Planet Earth with Subtitles in English

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