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New adventures of the good-natured bear Bug, who grew up in the city among the people, was raised by a camping girl and eventually fell into the woods. The first part of the Comedy Hunting Season, created by the Sony Animation studio, came out in 2006, followed by a sequel in 2008. Premiere of the third part in which the protagonist falls into the circus and becomes a lady of the heart, took place in 2010. Right now you can watch Season 3 online.

The funny Grizzly Bear named Bug was once a favorite of the public in Timberline. However, because of the unshakable temper and pristineness he is sent to the nearby forest, where he has to adapt to wildlife laws. Together with his best friend, deer Eliot, Boog is experiencing a lot of dangerous and funny stories.

There comes a moment when our hero starts to feel very single. Elliot married his beloved Giessel, got his family and is less likely to respond to Bug's suggestions to go to the campaign. A disillusioned bear has nothing left to do to find new friends. The fate breaks Bug into the mobile Maslov's russian circus, from which he releases to the will of the bear Dag, and he remains in his place. In addition, he intends to conquer the heart of the bear's Ursi, one of the circus actresses.

Bug becomes a member of the circus and participates in the performances. Meanwhile, his counterpart, the vain Dag, falls into the company of forest inhabitants and expects general worship and obedience. Start Season 3 online for free and you will find out what this adventurous adventure will complete for the beasts.

Very soon Bug begins to miss his home, but the tumultuous Ursa, who is indifferent to the admirer, makes him forget about his former life. In turn, Dag tries to plant its orders in the woods and turns other animals into servants. However, forest inhabitants are exposing the scammers and go to rescue the Bug, which is about to be taken to Russia.

They are joined by a sausage dog with a cheerful home-grown company. The selfless friends of the Bug penetrate into the circus at the very height of the play, but find that the bear has acquired personal happiness and does not imagine his life without Urs. Boog is faced with an uneasy choice - to remain in the corpses or return to his native forest. Open Season 3 full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

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