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 Planet 51 watch

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Планета 51
Fantastic cartoon Planet 51 is not like other paintings on space. The main difference between the picture in the very concept. All cartoons tell of the arrival of aliens to Earth, and in Planet 51, on the contrary, the astronaut from the Earth arrives on a planet where it is perceived as aliens.

According to the scenario, the American astronaut Chuck arrives on a planet that seems sluggish at first glance, but soon he realizes that he was mistaken and the planet was populated by green men who frightened him terribly. 

In fact, the inhabitants of the planet decided that this is an enemy alien offensive and are preparing to give a rebound. 

Astronaut finds that life on the planet reminds the USA in the 50 years of the last century. And here begins the most interesting, as scientists from the planet 51 decided to catch the astronaut and explore it. 

Whether Chuck can escape and who will help him in this, you will be able to find out by looking at Cartoon Planet 51 online on video internet portals. It is worth noting
that the picture is full of surprises and interesting turning events.

The scriptwriters decided to make an unexpected move, changing the places of the inhabitants of the earth and the inhabitants of another planet, and a fun and interesting picture, which children and adults see pleasure, turned out.

The cartoon came out on cinema screens in 2009, but today you can watch the cartoon "Planet 51" online for free. It is worth noting that in the film you can find many interesting analogies, which hint us to other paintings. 

Even the very name "Planet 51" is a hint of a secret US base at number 51, which presumably preserves the remnants of aliens and the wrecks of their ships. By the way, in the cartoon there is also a base where the Soviet satellite is kept.

In addition, fans of such films as "Star Wars" or "Alien" will be able to see analogies in the cartoon "Planet 51". In general, there are many similar analogies that resemble other paintings. "Wheelbarrows", "Volley", "War of the Worlds", "The Predator", "Monsters vs. Newcomers" - all this can be found by tracing the plot lines of the "Planet". Planet 51 full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Planet 51 with Subtitles in English

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Watch Planet 51 in English

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