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 The Princess and the Frog watch

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Despite the "fairy-tale" name - this is a modern story about reflections on the theme that the main thing in life: love or career. In our world, where in money money this fairy tale is very relevant and can teach a lot not only children but also adults. The cartoon was released in 2009 by Walt Disney. It was a turntable cartoon which marked the return of the studio to such acquaintances from our childhood and favorites of many cartoon pictures and today The Princess and the Frog online can be found on many video sites.

The action cartoon unfolds in America in New Orleans. The main heroine of Tiana, since childhood, dreams of own coffee shop. For this, she works for days and a few cents for her own business. The complete opposite of Tianan is Prince of Nin, who in search of a rich bride arrives in the city. The whole life of the prince is a continuous holiday and in order to return to the world of luxury, he decides to marry the rich heiress. But on his way is found wizard Fasil, which offers an easier way to the goal.

Navin, who is not accustomed to spending a lot of effort to achieve his dreams, agrees, but the sorcerer deceives and turns him into a frog and now the prince can take off the magic only a kiss of the princess. It would seem that the plot will further develop on the classic line: the prince meets Tian, ​​falls in love, She kisses him and turns into a prince. But the Disney cartoons would not have been so popular if the classics were adhering to the company. Tiana really kisses the enchanted prince, but ... she turns into a frog.

What next? And further actions are transferred to the Delta of Mississippi, where the heroes are introduced to the immeasurable alligator of Louis and the brave and romantic firefly Rey. Will Tiana and Nun be able to become people and achieve their dreams, or will they choose love and remain frogs? All the quirks of this amazing story you can find out by looking at the Princess and the Frog online for free on the Internet portals.
The plot is so unpredictable and is rapidly developing every minute that it's impossible to guess what will happen next time.

Like many Disney's "The Princess and the Frog" cartoons, they are filled with musical numbers that make the animation easy and fun. The cartoon was created as a small jazz musical, with full concert numbers. Jazz, Blues,
Foxtrot and other truly American musical directions create a carefree atmosphere that relaxes and gives you the feeling that everything will be fine.

This event made it impossible to fulfill the treasured dream of Tiani - to open his restaurant in memory of the deceased in the war of his father.
Now our "frog" is forced to aimlessly crawl in the swamps in search of the possibility of salvation. They meet many wonderful creatures - the crocodile Louis, who loves to play jazz, hopelessly in love with an inaccessible night star, firefly Rey and many others.

Finally, their journey leads to a very good witch sorceress named Odi. With the help of his snake Juzu in a hanging on a huge tree up the bottom of the boat, the witch removes the spell. It is she who can help our friends scatter evil spells. But for this, the main characters of The Princess and the Frog online should return to New Orleans and achieve a kiss from Charlotte, Tiani's girlfriend - during the parade, Charlotte was elected Princess.

Tiana and Navin are once again faced with the sorceress Fasil, who needs to take the blood of Navin and turn his assistant, the former footman of Navin, into the prince. The witchish shadows that constantly chase our heroes, destroys Rey's firefighter, who perishes from the wizard's hand. 

To achieve its Facile unsuccessfully tries to bend Tian to her side, in exchange for her human semblance. Getting the girl to give up, the wizard wants to destroy her, but defending himself, Tiana destroys the amulet of the transformations of Fazil. In the same second there are evil spirits, mistresses of the amulet, and take with them into hell the scared to death of Fazil, leaving behind only a grave stone.

This amazing story ends very happily - young people fall in love with each other and evil charms dissipate under the influence of true love. Our heroine's dream has come true - she became the mistress of a great restaurant after her wedding with Prince Navin. And the brave firefly Ray finally met with his star, which shone on the night sky.
The Princess and the Frog full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

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