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The young Karl Fredriksen was a fan of the explorer of the Paradise Falls - Charles Manz. Becoming an adult, Charles married Ellie, whom he met in childhood. They dreamed of a child, but as it turned out, Ellie could not become a mother. She burned with a desire to go to the Paradise waterfall in South America.

With all his efforts, Charles was ready to fulfill her request, but shortly before the trip, Elly died in the "Up" Online cartoony. Yet Carl wants to get a waterfall at least in memory of his beloved wife. He lifted his house to the sky, inflating countless numbers of balloons.

As it turned out
In a trip, the nine-year-old trailblazer Russell, who always annoyed Carl by his chatter, went off accidentally. To overcome the wildlife of the jungle, give back to the enemies and acquire new friends, two completely different people must become a single whole. On the way to them falls a huge rare bird Kevin (so called his young trailblazer).

A little later they get acquainted with the dog Doug, who knows how to speak with a unique collar. In the same jungle they came across Charles Manz, who dreams of avenged by the scholars who laugh at his discoveries. To do this, the gloomy scientist wants to capture and destroy Kevin.

 Charles is forced to fight the idol of his life. An easy win combines Charles and Russell, they find mutual understanding and become the only family.

This cartoon film, created by Pixar Studio, undoubtedly deserves attention. His dignity is underlined by the fact that he became the first in the history of the Cannes Film Festival, which opened the show.

Two Oscars: for the best full-length animated film and for best music to the film - is a testimony to the wonderful work of the creators of the Up Cartoons and up online, which can be seen on our portal.

The main character is Karl Fredriksen, a 78-year-old lonely man. His wife, who had dreamed of seeing Paradise Falls ever since childhood, died.

Not wanting to get into the home for the elderly, Carl decides to realize the dream of his wife, while preserving the house, which is threatened with demolition. Karl invents an unusual way: with the help of several thousand balloons, he raises his entire house into the air and goes to the Paradise waterfall.

After flying about half a mile,
Carl finds in his home the "unpaid passenger" - the 8-year-old boy Russell. Russell is a scout, he is cheerful and very talkative. Together they continue the path, despite the great differences in minds, overcome many obstacles and dangers.

In the jungle they find new friends. At first, they encounter a huge bird, whose genus has long disappeared. Russell gives him the name of Kevin. Then they are on their way to the dog Doug.

Not only friends but enemies are waiting for them on the way. Charles Manz wants to catch Kevin and take revenge on the scientists who did not recognize him. Charles is forced to fight Charles, although earlier Manz was his idol. Cartoon Up 2009 full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Up movie in English

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Watch Up in English

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