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 Mary and Max watch

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Unusual animated film, made in a plasticine format. The author and animator of the cartoon - Adam Elliot. For the first time this cartoon was presented to the general public at the Sundance Festival in 2009. And already this year at the International Animation Festival in France, Mary and Max received the Grand Prix online, as the best animated film of 2009.

 The cartoon "Mary and Max" can watch both children and adults. And everyone will find for themselves in this picture something unusual, beautiful, touches the soul and makes you think. A bit unusual style, vivid colors, a sad story fascinating the viewer. Make you listen to each word
keep an eye on each action of the protagonists, empathize them, mourn and rejoice along with the screen characters.

The cartoon plot of Mary and Max online tells a little lonely girl Mary. She lives in distant Australia. Her mother is overly fond of sherry. Father at work sticking thread to tea bags, and at home engaged only in the fact that makes stuffed from birds. At school, Mary is a rogue. She is not tolerated by classmates, called and insulted. Mary is very sad. And then, having decided to somehow decorate his loneliness, the girl dares to make a strange act. In the address book of New York, she finds the name of M. Horvitsa and writes to him a letter ...

Max - no less lonely 44-year-old Jew. He is prone to an incurable mental illness called Asperger syndrome. He can not understand people, their emotions. He loves chocolate hot dogs and visits the club of anonymous snacks. Max is constantly dying of fish, and he does not really like when people throw cigarette butts on the sidewalk.

Mary and Max ... they are so different. But they are united by their favorite TV series and loneliness. And they find each other thanks to the quarrels that arose so strangely and by chance. This connection, this unusual friendship, will help Little Mary find herself, and Max has a unique opportunity to help someone. Cartoon Watch Mary and Max full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Mary and Max in English

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Watch Mary and Max in English

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