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 Pinocchio Disney full movie free

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 Once in a small Italian town, the woodcut artist Jeppetto made a puppet doll named Pinocchio. In the evening, going to sleep, the master saw a falling star, and made a wish for the boy to be alive. That night, the Pigeon Fairy flew to the studio, which revived the boy, but left a puppet. She warned that Pinocchio would become a real boy only if he was honest, courageous and kind.
 He should always be guided by a call of conscience. The boy did not know the meaning of the word, so his conscience was his friend Jimini's cricket. Next to Jeppetto, having discovered that Pinocchio had come to life, sent him to school. On the way, the boy met the foxes of Honest John and Guideon cat who were swindlers. They persuaded Pinocchio to play in the Strombola theater, arguing that this is the easiest and most accessible way to success and wealth.
 Already after the first performance, the puppet without a rope became popular. Pinocchio was about to return home, and he did not succeed — Stromboli decided to get rich, using a wooden boy and locked him in a cage. For this, Pinocchio's adventures have just begun. He retired, but got to the island, on which children turn into donkeys.
 He managed to visit Pinocchio and in the huge Kitty, saving Jeppetto. Due to his courage and courage, friends managed to overcome all the obstacles and turn Pinokio into a real boy. Cartoon Pinocchio Disney full movie free online in English as good as you can with us — a nice viewing!

Watch Pinocchio 1940 full movie in English

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Watch Pinocchio in English

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