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Watch cartoon 9 in English with Subtitles

Who created humanity? Do they give advice to their actions? People have long been trying to compare with God and create artificial intelligence. They developed the technology, but were not wise enough.

This story tells about a brilliant inventor and a magic artifact. The scientist wanted to breathe life into the car, but could not achieve it. He paid for his own bodily mischief.

 Once the mechanical creatures rebelled against man and everyone saw how the world collapsed. A brutal war broke out between people and cars. People were doomed. The use of poison gas has killed all living things - humans, animals and plants.

Before death, the scientist created nine dolls, each of which breathed a particle of his soul. He gave her some part, so that the memories of his wife and children, part of them - friends and enemies, would not die.

Dolls prolonged the lives of these people, completed their work and fulfilled the idea of ​​the inventor - the emergence of a new world and a new life. 9 can be viewed in English in a good quality with us.

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